Happy Anniversary

Our day begins

As dawn arises

Upon the fluffy snow

As it glisten so
Arising from sleep

My love inside me

I realize today

Is our anniversary 
It sure has been

A glorious year

Of love and sex

And passion aplenty
My one true love

And forever soulmate

Has shown me all

Without ever asking
I love him so

And will show him now

With a little gift

That he sure will enjoy
So after we climax

And settle down

I excuse myself

To get his gift
Upon emerging

His eyes open wide

As I am before him

All ready and alive
My heels upon me

So sexy and high

With nothing else on

But the bow I tied
It is sexy and lovely

A beautiful color

All that he wants

Is wrapped all under 
It so reminds me

Of our wedding day

From last December 

In a special way
I took it upon myself

To give him his card

Sauntering over

For him to appreciate
He reads the card 

In his sexy voice

With such adoration 

It is hard to believe
“To my forever love

My one and only

Please enjoy your present 

Tied with a red velvet bow
Happy Anniversary

Forever more

Our love so great

From our heart and soul”
December 2016

Laurie Lee

Holiday Party/Dec. 2015

Christmas is a time for giving

A time for sharing

A time to get together

And a time for caring

Go this way

And go that

To party and eat

And hopefully not get fat

Presents aplenty

All in a row

Every one you open

You have to show

The cider is ready

With cinnamon sticks

So tasty on your lips

Lots of juices to lick

The treats are lined up

For everyone to try

Need to get in line

Before they all go bye

All ready for dinner

Turkey, stuffing and gravy

Let’s all give thanks

For all that is tasty

The cinnamon candle burns

What a treat it is

Relaxing after eating

And time to reminisce

Now it’s time to say goodbye

It was oh so much fun

Got to get to bed

So Santa can come

Hope you all stay safe

And love one another

Have a wonderful holiday

And be kind to others.

My Heart

I gave you my heart
And loved you so
You are my greatest love
To have and grow

I said I’d be back
But you doubted it all
Now you have moved on
And made my heart fall

It broke in pieces
And shattered all about
Don’t know how to mend it
I’ll just have to not fall out

My eyes have shed many tears
All I’ve done is cry
Every tear I had
Just fell from my eyes

You will always be in my heart
No matter how far
I love you forever
Soulmates is what we truly are

I wish you all the best
To be happy and in love
Enjoy your new woman
Hope she fits like a glove

For Paris

All those lives lost
Forever gone to all
All the hatred around
To see us all fall

We mourn for all the world
Paris is the latest target
Let’s all bow our heads
And pray for our dearly departed

Hatred is such a strong enemy
Makes people mean and jealous
Why all the attacks
Why be so selfless

Let’s all just try to get along
Stop all these frivolous plans
Love one another
Stand up and be a man

To all in Paris
Know that we all care
We will pray for you all
Love is in every tear

My Mandy Girl

I have loved you
From the first time I saw you
You made me smile
And made me cry
Every little tear
Shed from my eye

Our last moments were the best
Just treasuring all that you are
It is what kept me going
I will truly miss you
Even though I can’t rest

Please be well
My most loved being
I will miss you always
But will never forget
The love we shared
So tender and caring

RIP My Mandy Girl…..


To be hurting
Aches the heart
Feel it shattering
Starting to part

Is it really worth living
To deal with such pain?
No one cares
Nothing left to gain

What to to
I don’t know
Might take time
Gotta go slow

Poem by Laurie Lee

Found Love

Love can be wonderful
Love can be true
Just as long
As it doesn’t make you blue

Found it unexpectedly
What a wonderful thing
Hope to keep it forever
And see what it will bring

Just want to be loved
Protected and cared for
Never ever leave me
It’ll break me to the core

Poem by Laurie Lee